Out on campus HP


I’m Melissa G. Holt.

I grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from the California Academy of Math & Science.

I’m currently a student at CSU Channel Islands, where in addition to living on campus, I work for Housing & Residential Education as a desk assistant and program assistant. I have also been selected to be a resident assistant for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year and cannot wait to connect with fellow residents on a different level!

If I’m not in class, I’m finding a way to be involved on campus because as my boss once told me, you’re doing college wrong if your studies are the only thing that you can take from your college experience!

I have a passion for other people and interpersonal interaction, and that conflicted with the majors that I initially chose to pursue. So after some struggles on the path to discovering myself, I found myself in an Introduction to Psychology course and I have never looked back.

I graduated from Bakersfield College in May of 2015 with my associate degree, and will earn my BA in Psychology in May of 2017!

My #1 goal in life is to teach psychology at the college level and do for a new generation of students what has been done for me.

I’m really enjoying my experience at CI and cannot wait to see what life throws at me next!

This is just the beginning.

MGH, Professor in Training